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Announcing: Magic Secrets Typically Reserved For Kings & Priests
Publicly Exposed
For The First Time in 1,970 Years!

"Are You Looking For Easy-to-Do,
Easy-to-Read REAL Secrets of Magic,
Sorcery, Witchcraft & Casting
Radically Effective Spells

Finally, here's your chance to do something extraordinary...

Now you can master the art and science of commanding omnipotent supernatural beings, including: fallen-angles, demons, the rulers of unearthly mystic dimensions, and even the embodiments of the elements (sylphs, salamanders, gnomes, and so on.)

You'll discover how normal people have learned to enlist the service of spirits -- entities -- and elementals to get what they want out of life.  Whether it be the destruction of a terrible menace, the whereabouts of a powerful occult artifact or perhaps an increase of money and popularity.

Yes, this is the REAL stuff they don't want you to know about.  Banned from bookstores, prohibited by churches -- it's all here!

But before you get excited and wonder about all the possibilities magic powers will grant you let me be first to remind you: REAL Magic & Sorcery isn't for just any average Joe surfing the web...  in fact it many not even be for you...

From: Abraxas
Academy Founder

Dear Future Magicians & Skeptics,

Let's face it -- Magic has a shady reputation.  Ignorant people don't understand that magic was once the most honorable art and science of all, reserved for Royalty, Philosophers, Priests, Magi & The Smartest and Wisest Men of to walk the planet.

And if you think these abilities come cheap, you've got another thing coming!  You will train, you will fail and you will kick and scream as your mind is rearranged so that you may grasp the TRUTH about this world and what is truly possible.

It’s no secret that I’m selling something here. And when you see what I'm offering, you will be blown away.  But I don't want you to buy it.  Nope -- don't even try to obtain a membership here until you've tried everyone else's crap first.  Then once you've failed miserably, come back and see if we have any spots left available for you.

Recent Comment

"Wow, you guys really do let the cat out of the bag.  I was skeptical at first but now it's clear you guys are holding nothing back!  Until I found your site I had almost given up hope that his information even existed..."

Bill M. Austin, TX

Everyone's A Skeptic

I confess, I too was once a skeptic.  If you're anything like me, you've seen your share of "magic books" and maybe even read a couple on spell casting, apparent "black magic" and all sorts of other little store bought gimmicks. Come to find out each and every one is promoting the same, no-results system of crap...

They seem to all be peddling a set of watered-down rituals that show the user how to focus on his/her goals with the use of little poems (or spells if you will).  That is NOT Magic!  Those are pointless candle tricks that you've been tricked into believing had some type of mystical effect.  They are fluffy poems with no real effect on the Astral Light (magical substance) whatsoever!

Think about it -- What REAL Magic have you done?  Not a whole lot of anything huh?  Didn't think so.  I'll cut through all the BS and tell you straight up -- you're reading the WRONG MATERIAL.  Those 'poems' that you think are spells make you look ridiculous and real Magicians and Sorcerers like myself are laughing at you!

For the past 10 years I've studied the art and science behind magic.  Through my own personal research and practice I've discovered the TRUTH about Magic Abilities and Sorcery!

And the truth is -- Magic does exist!  Moses really did part the Red Sea, King Solomon really did build his legendary spirit temple using spirits and Abramelin really did excite the tempests to cause rain, hail and lightening!  But you'll never find the type of results your looking for reading public books that anyone could find at Barnes and Nobel -- instead, you'll find it right here, right now, on this very website!

Why's All This Worth Your Time?

For starters, I actually know what I'm talking about... unlike the countless wannabes and fakers on the web.  Yes, I actually perform successful spirit evocations -- and will show you how you can too.  And what's more I've researched this stuff for close to 10 years now and I've spent the last 5 compiling a massive library of occult knowledge about the subject.  I've performed dozens of successful spirit conjurations and have cast hundreds of successful spells, enchantments and bewitchments. 

And if you want to be successful at Magic & Sorcery like me than listen up because I made this entire website for you (well, people just like you).

Perhaps I'm being a tad arrogant, but I don't really care.  I find when people discover I make money with spells and conjurations that are 1) extremely jealous and 2) immediately interested.  And for those interested, yes -- the Academy teaches powerful money spells that truly work.

Now I won't compared myself to truly wise men and great sorcerers like Moses or King Solomon.  But I will say that I've become a lot better than the average person because of my new occult abilities.  Because I understand magic and perform the rituals correctly, I am cool, confident, make ridiculous amounts of money and my friends are jealous of me.  No body else I know can do all that.

For those of you who never stopped believing in Magic & Sorcery no matter what "they" said, you'll fall in love with this site more and more and more as you read on because I'm going to let you in on my little secret... my hidden source of power: my "secret library"...

If You're Worthy, You Might Just Learn Something...

But before all things, answer this, who are you that approaches this Great Work of King Solomon, Master Jesus Christ, Paracelsus, Moses -- and so many other great men?  Who is the candidate whom comes before this Academy and holds this prestigious work in attempt to read and comprehend it?

There are two who hold this book; one who will inevitably fail, and the other who will absolutely succeed to become true Solar Gods.  Many will undertake the task, few will succeed.

Do You Think Your Worthy Enough To Take On The Prestigious Art of Magic?

It is you who proposes to approach this most absolute science.  The kings of science are those who know the truth and whom have gave freely to his fellow man; a promise kept by the highest initiator.  By under taking the task of this great work you too have made a promise.

Behind the veil of all the occult and mystic writings of ancient doctrines, behind the darkness and strange ordeals of all magical initiations, under the seal of all sacred writings, upon the crumbling stones of old temples and in the marvelous paintings which interpret the Great Secret to the faithful,  in the cryptic emblems of our old books on alchemy, in the ceremonies practices at reception by all secret societies, there is found indications of a doctrine which is everywhere the same and everywhere carefully concealed. Demonology, witchcraft, wicca, paganism, demons, devils, satanism, witches, werewolves, dracula, vampires, spirits, ghosts, after death, spirit contact, ouija board, automatic writing, dream interpretation, tarot cards, psychic readings, astrology, natal birth wheels, zodiac signs.

This doctrine is of course Magic -- the highest science and the most splendid art.  Do not think of this as a game -- wise men rise and fall everyday for the use and abuse of this arcane science.

Magic Powers That You Might Learn To Do -- If Your Good Enough

For the first time since the Pharaohs, you're invited to partake in this extremely private, hush-hush, unveiling of King Solomon, Moses, and Abramelin's famous magical abilities: 

  • To Evoke & Command Spirits;

  • To Curse Thy Enemies;

  • To Understand the Voices of Nature;

  • To Obtain Prosperity & Fame;

  • To Know the Secrets of Any Person;

  • To Heal All Diseases & Ailments;

  • To Excite The Tempests; (Etc.)

Understand: King Solomon may have died in 49 A.D., but his secret teachings have survived the ages.  In his time, King Solomon’s knowledge of arcane science (magic) and unrivaled power was known throughout every kingdom in the entire land of Egypt.  Pharaohs, wise men and scholars came from all over just to catch an earful of his wisdom.

Fortunately, Solomon wrote down the keys to his magical powers, precisely documenting everything he knew about the arcane sciences, before his death.  Sadly, when he died, his manuscript was seized and kept underground, disappearing completely from the public eye for the past 1,970 years.

This is the first time in 1,970 years this information has been so bluntly exposed to the public, and depending how things go this time may be the last.  I’m prepared to briefly open the doors to Arcane Science for two hundred new initiates. This highly coveted information, previously reserved exclusively for kings and priests, will then be sealed up, and taken back underground – quite possibly forever.

And If Your Really Good You Might Learn 'Special' Abilities...

Don't you think it's silly to believe you can pick up a book on speaking Dutch and begin speaking fluently?  Well than don't expect to pick up this material and start walking on water any time soon.

Magic isn't about hocus-pocus... it's all about learning how to focus.  With perseverance and dedication you too may acquire the famous powers magic grants to its faithful practitioners, including...

The Ability To Cause Any Spirit to Appear:
 - To will appear in the form of a Serpent.
 - To make them appear in the shape of any Animal.
 - In Human form.

 - In the form of a Bird, etc.
 - How to evoke and command the 72 spirits of the Goetia

The Ability To See Into The Past & Future:MAGIC SPELLS: Magic Spells can be spell casted for all purposes Magic Spells (Magic Love Spells, black magic, witchcraft, Magic Money Spells, Love Magic Spells or Magic Love Spells, Magic Money Spells, Magic Sex Spells, Magic Binding Spells, magic red spells, Voodoo Love Spells. sex magic.) are very important true magic spells. Love Spells: Money Spells, Magick Money Spells, Simple Love Spells, Casting Love Spells, cast love spells or cast money spells success will be yours.
 - To know all things Past and Future in general.
 - To know things appertaining unto the Future.
 - Things to happen in War.
 - Tribulations to come.
 - Things propitious to come.
 - To know the Signs of Tempests.
 - To know true and false Friends.

The Ability To Cause Diverse Visions:
- In Rings and Circlets.
 - In the Air.
 - In Wax.
 - In Fire.
 - In the Moon.
 - In the Water.
 - In the Hand.

The Ability To Know the Secrets of any Person:
 - To know the Secret of Letters.
 - To know the Secret of God-Words.
 - To know Secret Magic Operations.
 - To know the Secrets of Love.
 - To know what riches a person possesses.
 - To know the Secret of all Arts.

The Ability To Cast Diverse Spells:
 - To cast Spells upon Men and Woman.
 - To bewitch Beasts.
 - To attract the spirit of Money.
 - To cast a Spell upon the Liver, Stomach, Throat and Head.
 - To destroy thy Enemies.
 - And hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds more!

And that's just a small part of the list I've taken from one of the Sacred Books of Magic by Abramenlin the mage.  He provides you the procedures, evocations, seals, plates -- absolutely everything you'll need to begin performing sorcery today!

Don't Fool Around -- Sorcery Has Shown To Be Murderous

I first caught wind of the existence of King Solomon’s miraculous manuscripts many years ago, around the same time Aleister Crowley and McGregor Mathers were working together to translate them from Hebrew to English.  These manuscripts quickly became the new base of study for underground magic covens like The Order of the Golden Dawn and the Freemasonry Group.  This was an exciting time for us, because these events signaled the birth of the arcane science (magick) in the west.

The achievement of magical powers in which King Solomon spoke quickly became a reality for many of the newborn initiates, especially Aleister Crowley (pictured below).

His newly attained magic powers put him the public eye and he was portrayed as superhuman by the mass media.  In fact, throughout America he came to be known as (and I quote),  “The Forefather of Modern Magick” & “The Wickedest Man Alive”.

Crowley’s newly establish fame spawned jealously in his one time friend and colleague, McGregor Mathers.  It was Mathers who first started the magical battle by sending Crowley a current of evil, which struck his bloodhounds dead and caused his servants to fall ill.  Crowley responded by summoning up the forces of the spirit Beelzebub and his 49 attendant fiends to attack Mathers in his sleep. 

The following week, McGregor Mathers passed away of influenza, an obvious indication...Crowley had murdered him with magic!

Fortunately however, I was able to get a copy of these transformational texts before they disappeared behind the closed-doors of the underground covens and magical orders.

This public spectacle was all that was needed for this informative to go back underground and almost disappear completely.  And now I'm unveiling all the knowledge contained within these once forbidden, murderous, manuscripts....  and if your lucky enough to catch a glimpse don't be a dope use this information with extreme caution.  I'm being absolutely serious when I say do not mess around with peoples lives -- especially with Magick!

Imagine Waking One Morning to New Occult Powers...

Imagine waking up and being a master whose intuitive awareness of the arcane forces of the earth and your connection with the souls of its creatures give you unique abilities that are beyond the comprehension of even the most knowledgeable occultists. You will draw your magical strength from the acute understanding of your divine right to summon forth and command the spirits of this plane which you seek to enlist.

Spirits want to bargain, they want to make 'deals' or 'pacts' and will put forth their services in return.  Arcane Science will teach you of your DIVINE RIGHT to command these spirits as they exist is a dimension lower than our own.  Know now, nothing is 'required' in return for their services -- but it doesn't hurt to kindly reward them from time to time.

Most of those who take on the task of joining amongst the prestigious class of practitioners are perceived as malign beings knowing the truth behind unfathomable powers.  And after lots of practice, you might just end up wielding these supernatural powers yourself.

And With Practice You'll Earn The Right To Wield These Supernatural Powers Yourself.

Thought it is true the Academy members specializes in the evocation of fallen angles, demons, demi-gods and elementals -- he/she does not have to be of evil alignment to summon and command over spirits. The Summoner drawn toward evil usually uses his powers to force others to bend others to his will, while those who are good-hearted tend to oppose tyranny and oppression of free will.

By studying the teachings here you'll learn how to call forth and command spirits for your own causes.  You'll learn to bend them to your will.  To be more precise, you'll be given the power to take command over the 72 spirits of the infernal dimensions and the Goetia!  Miraculous spiritual gifts await those who take on the task of mastering the infernal, dark entities.  Your either are their servant, or their master. So choose.

So What Am I Offering You?

Access to the EXACT SAME knowledge used by Legendary Magicians and Sorcerers like Moses, Abramlein, Salvia the Great, King Solomon, Aleister Crowley, Ron Hubbard, the Freemasons and ME of course!  These are ultra-rare editions of esoteric knowledge banned from bookstores, prohibited by churches and are the base of study for secret societies like the Order of the Golden Dawn.

Unlike all those so called magic gurus who write a book full of watered down candle rituals and basically sissy magic I've collected a massive library of the real deal.  You won't find a single book by that hack "Silver Raven Wolf" or any fluffy cream-puff paganism crap in my Academy.

I'd put a student of "Silver Raven Wolf up against a member of the Academy of Sorcery any day of the week.  There they'll stand scared and alone with their dumb little crystals praying to the moon while we'll be invoking the same technology Moses used to part and Ocean.  And if you're looking for that type of fluffy paganism crap than I don't want you to enroll here -- yup, that's right, please don't enroll!

Don't enroll until you've read all the other mainstream books on Magick that you can get down at Barnes and Nobel, or any of the other sites competing directly with mine.    Then once you've failed miserably, come back and see if we have any spots left available for you.

It’s no secret that I’m selling something here. And when you see what I'm offering, you will be blown away.  But I don't want you to buy it.  Nope -- don't even try to obtain a membership here until you've tried everyone else's crap first.  Then once you've failed miserably, come back and see if we have any spots left available for you.

Recent Comment

"Wow, what a relief.  When I first came across your site I wasn't sure what to think, I've never heard of commanding spirits before so I thought it was a bit weary.  After signing up for a membership, I knew immediately I was silly for thinking it was a hoax. You guys reveal everything you say and more!"
Jason D. New York, NY


And if your ready to finally be smart and stop wasting your time and money on a bunch of information that's never going to yield any damn results -- than obviously you'll be excited to see this...

A Magic Library Worth More Than Rubies & Diamonds Combined!

This is the exact same information that was exclusively passed down in secret to the select few; royal bloodlines, ancient priesthoods and saints of biblical proportion.

You see, magic is an ancient technology used by seers and mystics to get things done.  There is an all encompassing "Astral Light" they've discovered a method of working directly on.  This astral light when acted upon by the magicians willpower creates change in accordance with the magicians will.  Change often times so quick and bizarre it is seen as phenomenon or extraordinary to the profane.

Kindly Read Through The List

Yes, for the first time since the Pharaohs, you'll want to partake in this extremely private, hush-hush, unveiling of King Solomon’s famous magical abilities and procedures: 

(1) Ceremonies, to Evoke & Command Spirits;
(2) Seals,
to Curse, Call & Reward Spirits;
(3) Symbols, to Make Spirits Obedient;
(4) Procedures, to Enhance Will & Concentration;
Knowledge, to Heal All Diseases & Ailments;
(6) Awakenings, t
o New Mystical Senses; (
and more of course!)

You'll also enjoy what you'll discover in this extremely private, hush-hush, unveiling of Abramelin the Magus's famous magical abilities and procedures:

(1) Talismans, to Excite the Tempests;
Evocations, to Cause Any Spirit to Appear;
(3) Fortune Telling, to Know of the Past and Future;
Divination, to Know the Secrets of Any Person;
Invocations, to Effortlessly Cast Any Spells;
Curses, to Destroy Thy Enemies; (and more of course!)

And finally, you will enjoy partaking in this extremely private, hush-hush, unveiling of the Famous Egyptian Moses's acclaimed magical abilities and procedures:

(1) The 7 Laws (rules) of Arcane Science & Magic;
(2) Inscriptions: for the 10 Plagues;
(3) Secret Tables, for the 12 Celestial Bodies;
(4) The Secret Shield & Breastplate of Moses and Aaron;
(5) The Conjuration of the Laws;
Invocations, to Curse Thy Enemies; (and more of course!)

And the lost magic doctrines, lexicons and manuscripts provided by the three men above only scratch the surface.  When you begin your new study in what most people would consider the dark arts, you'll gain intuitive understanding of all things arcane. 

My Entire Private Stash of 712 Ultra-Rare Magic Guides

Your evocations will greatly benefit from the insightful bonuses you gain from each new hour of study.  To help your studies, I've included over 700 additional magic doctrines:

(1) The Sacred Magic of Abramelin The Mage, I, II, III;  (2) The Sword of Moses by Moses himself; (3) Black Magic Spells by A. Crowley; (4) Secrets of the Tarot by M. Mathers; (5) The Key to the Elements by Eliphas Levi; (6) A Book of Ceremonial Magic by A.E. Waite; (7) The Manual of Practical Magic by V.M. Samael Aun Weor; (8) The Greater Key of King Solomon by King Solomon;  (9) Dæmonology  by King James; (10) Magick Without Tears by Aliester Crowley; (11) Astrological Geomancy by Gerard Cremonensis; (12) Introduction To Gnosis by V.M. Samael Aun Weor; (13) Secrets of Occult Power by Anonymous; (14) The Magic Book 1, Book 2 by Francis Barrett; (15) The Powerful and Deadly Spells of the Javanese; (16) The Egyptian Book of the Dead ...and about 696 more unadvertised works!

(Pop-up window)

The Academy of Sorcery is dedicated to embarking the entire art of magic to it's students, the addition of these works boost the page count to over 50,000 pages of exclusive, secret revealing occult knowledge.

If printed, this information would fill up a entire library bookcase.  So instead of trying to send you the equivalent of 1,000 Encyclopedia Britannicas I've digitized everything so you can simply log-in now and start reading any time you like.  All 712 works are available right now for instant online viewing.

712 Magic & Sorcery courses to get you started right away!

Unlimited free support in the private members forum.

The one-secret 98% of wannabe magicians never learn.

Why your magic ability sucks and others get results like crazy.

How to use a pentagram for protection and a hexagram for power.

Examples of real life sorcerers and the powers they possess.

How to security your conscious immortality -- yes, live forever with the "Philosophers Stone"!

How to see into the future with divination, astrology and geomancy.

How to conjure and command spirits to do your bidding!

What you NEED TO KNOW about Black Magic so you won't burn in hell for being a jackass.

The 7 GREATEST Magic & Sorcery books ever written -- period.

How to use both 'white' and 'black' magic for all your respective causes.

How to cast devastatingly effective spells any time, any where for anything you ever want.

Unlimited support via the members only forum for serious magic & sorcery practitioners only!

Free updates for life.

So much more secret content I'd be here all day telling you about it.


I've personally taken the time to write up four exclusive courses on Magic and Sorcery just for beginners.  These are works you won't find anywhere else in the entire world and all of which I've sold for $25-$50 each on related websites.  I'm going to give you all four of my quick-start, easy-to-read and do courses as a bonus for being brilliant and ordering today.

The Art of Commanding Spirits - Unleash a spirit army!  With this knowledge at your fingertips, you'll Learn to Take-Command over the 72 timeless spirits of the Goetia the easy way!  Written in plain English that you can understand.  Easy to follow with over 150 illustrations and photos, an absolute vital tool in any aspiring sorcerer's collection.  If you read just one book on REAL Magic, make it this one.

Tarot & Divination - Time is an illusion we can control.  Time is a term our human mind's coined up many years ago to organize the thoughts of changing matter all around us.   Based on ancient wisdom passed down from the heavens and stars above we have this exclusive, One-of-kind collection of Divination guides for You to Master!

Black Magic Spells - The most devastating guide to black magic ever released to the public.   Revealing the true secrets to amazing magical abilities like "Life Tap & Siphon Strength" where you learn how to steal life-energy from another being, "Sense the Dead", where you learn to sense evil forces around you and "Vampiric Aura!" These spells are not for the weak-minded!

Potion Mixology - Getting psychic powers might feel next to impossible.  This is common story for a lot of people.  But thanks the Potion Mixology book and Psychic Potion Kits, people everyday just like yourself are learning how to unleash the subtle powers of their minds.

Answers to All Your Questions 24 Hours A Day

It's called a members only community and if you're serious about learning this stuff you'll need to join it as soon as you can.  Once a member you'll obtain answers to all your magic and sorcery questions because once you see the 'real stuff' -- you'll have questions.  And now with over 500 active members you'll get answers ASAP from actual magicians and sorcerers like myself.  I'm there almost everyday with my moderators helping out people like you.

  • Meet and chat with other brilliant minded people like yourself - girls & guys both welcome
  • Cast group spells and mass spirit evocations with friends and partners across the globe
  • Respectful rules enforced by knowledgeable staff to guarantee a constructive learning environment for everyone!

3 Last Minute Things Worth Mentioning

  • Taking the time to learn REAL Magic & Sorcery is especially useful if you're "searching for answers" about your life -- seek enlightenment first all else will be given unto you.

  • While you may spend a lifetime mastering the art and science of magic, you can begin casting effective spells and enchantments almost immediately.

  • Curiosity is one of the most powerful human drives in existence.  You feel it coursing through your veins at this very moment -- and know this power can be yours once you know!

Lets face it... you want to learn magic and sorcery or else you wouldn't have read this far -- in fact you wouldn't be here at all.  Wouldn't you agree?

Whatever you decide just know that I'll always be right here with my friends at the Academy bedazzled by this amazing stash of magic gems.  And if you see me in the street please don't ask me to cast you a spell....  my name's not Harry Potter -- it's Abraxas.

It's a Magical World Out There Friend...

Let's Go Exploring,

Enrollment Info:

To enroll into the Academy of Sorcery and gain access to my entire private stash of magic guides and our private members only community, click the link below to order through our secure server.  And I even offer a 90 day money back guarantee to any one who can't figure it -- as long as they give me a fair chance to help them first. 


But I need your response quickly!

The window of opportunity is closing and I'm not here to play games!  To preserve the integrity and scarcity of this information, I’m only accepting new 200 new members to keep this information somewhat private – it’s a first come, first serve basis and when that number has been reached the doors will be shut, no exceptions.  Chances are this is the only invitation to discover Real Magic & Sorcery you’ll ever get from me. 

If you sincerely want to discover how to control the devastating effects of real magic and sorcery, this very realistically may be your last chance to do so.  Don't be a dope -- reserve your spot today before you miss out for good! Sorcery, magic powers, telekenisis, clairaudio, divination, spell casting, fortune telling

Devour all my stuff for up to 90 days. If you aren't successful, I'll question your IQ, but I'll also give you a 100% refund. I only require that you let me know which things you tried and what didn't work for you, and how you used them.  If I see that you're REALLY trying, I may even help you personally....

You're getting my private stash of magic books worth literally thousands of dollars.  If you could somehow find and buy these books you'd be looking at stocking up an entire library bookcase full of these works. Obviously there is a tremendous value being offered here. 

I feel like I'm practically giving you the keys to the universe here. That is why I am only TESTING these prices for a short while, to see what kind of response it gets. I have sold my program very successfully at $199 per month so don't be surprised if you return later and see it back at full price.

Choose Your Level of  Enrollment To Get Started...

....The Ultimate Collection of Legendary Magic & Sorcery courses only $97! Voted "Best of the Web" for a Real Course in Magick! Unlock the door to your own personal library of never seen before magic spell books, spirit hierarchies, secret conjuration texts, the secret of levitation & water walking.  Cast devastatingly effective black magic spells tonight & begin to master the art of conjuring spirits and unleash a spirit army to do your bidding.  Also, peak inside the inner most workings of the 'Wickedest Man Alive,' and the forefather of modern day magick.  Over 50,000 pages of in-depth, never-seen-before magic secrets revealed -- enough for life!

....You will learn the secrets of peaking behind the curtain of time for just $67!  When you know the secrets of the future, you know of people's destiny and ultimate doom.  You'll dazzle while uncovering the secrets to Tarot  and Divination! Use this power wisely and never reveal too much - else lose you're ability forever!  The magical properties of items and secret potion recipes which cause you instant states of psychic awareness! Also be given a proper education on how to cast those black magic spells you've  heard so much about as well learn from Abramelin the Mage himself. This membership is jam-packed with detailed magic instructions & secrets!

....The humblest level of study for a measly $37.  Get an introductory course into the art of magic, commanding spirits & casting venomous black magic spells.  Offered at the lowest possible rate, but still packed with pages and pages of intense, exclusive, illustrated secrets of REAL Magic and Sorcery




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