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The humming cross of Concordia


A house was showing strong poltergeist activity which seemed to be concentrated in the kitchen, and this ceiling fan was found to be a center of spirit energy. Dishes would smash onto the floor in the middle of the night, the refrigerator would open and close, trash cans would tip over and scatter waste, and there were garbled noises heard at all hours. There is a gaping hole on the side of the fan that leads directly to the unused attic. The homeowner states the hole has grown from pinhole size.

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This photo was taken at Concordia Cemetary on Friday, June 23. We had noted at this plot that the casket was being pushed out of the sandy ground by the weight of the tombstone settling onto the head of the stone. It was disturbing, so I snapped a picture. You can see a vapour essence travelling downwards from the volunteer (Sharona's) shoulder. It appeared to take the shape of a gaping dog's head. What do YOU think it looks like?

This is one of the best ghost pictures we have on our file. It is very plainly (better on the actual photo) a profile of a man's face in motion. This photo was taken in a house with much spirit activity including doorbells ringing, noises and thumps, and other poltergeist style commotion. The lady of the house once saw a towel lift and fold itself on the towel rack as she bathed.  UPDATE: NOW ON