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November 2006.  SWP southwest paranormal researchers group visits Quebec at the Morrey Mansion for a 3-day investigation to be highlighted by WBPN channel 63!  Be sure to order the video of Kimberly Angel and Sven Garcia detecting cold spots and spirits in the house!
June 2002.  Our friend and superb investigator M. Abner Williams dies.  As such we are not currently accepting applications for investigations.
June 2002. UPDATE: NOW ON


July 2001

SWP members have investigated several interesting cases of late, we will be meeting July 10 to discuss which cases should be made public. A vast majority of our cases are kept private as to the homeowner's wishes.

June 2000

June's Ghost Hunt was a success, albeit smaller than I had hoped for! Stefan was able to fly down from Phoenix, plus I was there myself with my new digital camera to take the pics. Roy was the most organized of our group and kept a precise log of all occurences. We stopped by Concordia Cemetary before dark, and visited a very old house at Nevada St. (with permission, of course) on the mountain that was reputed to be haunted by an old woman. We had new members Julie Birch, Ray Garcia, and David FitzPatrick join us there at dusk. As we entered the house, the more sensitive of the group felt vibes immediately. Roy and I felt someone had died in the front bedroom and we found ourselves right by the historical documents. A woman had died there in the late 1970s of old age. The floor boards creaked as we explored each dark abandoned room. As night began to fall we all felt pulled to the dark, unfinished dirt basement of the home. The stairs going down were narrow, dark, and rickety. As I walked down I felt the hairs on the back of my neck raise. We settled into a circle on the dirt floor and talked quietly, relaxing while Roy prepared the recorder and logged into his notebook. We lit three candles and quieted. I lost all track of time as the sun set and we were engulfed by darkness. Even the candles seemed to be drowning in the pitch black. Odd shapes seem to lurk in the old rotten beams of the house and the mounds of dirt. Stefan began a minor channeling to attract spirits. As soon as he began his incantation I heard a distinct pop from the Eastern side of the basement and felt cold chills go down my arms. Julie also felt a presence. I felt there was movement just out of the light's reach and so got out my camera and started shooting pictures. I managed to snap two "unexplainable" shots that night. Roy is still analyzing the audio recordings. Unfortunately, Ray, our new member, stated that he was so frightened by all the occurences that he didn't know if he wanted to join us again! We packed up around 11 P.M. and I must admit I was glad to leave the house. It had a negative energy aura.

I would like to thank our new members for joining us on the ghost hunt. Those interested who couldn't join us, I invite you to join us for the September hunt which we plan will be much larger. We are still looking for a location which we can use for a meeting place. It should be large enough for about 12 people and away from distractions.

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Paranormal Fair???

Next paranormal fair tentative date:  November 22, 2007  UPDATE: NOW ON

X-Files Fun Facts. Southwest Paranormal has had so many inquiries about the television show X-FILES, we decided to put up these Fun Facts for the fans!

There are over 80 episodes.
At the 3 1/2 season mark the no. of flashlights used was 166.
Also at the 3 1/2 season mark the ratio of flea bag motels to UFOS was 19 to 7.
David Duchovny's dog is named Blue.
David Duchovny is a vegetarian.
Gillian Anderson after meeting Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters's invited him and his wife to do a walk on part in episode 65 "Pusher" ,which he excepted.
A Californian surfer named Chris Carter created and produces The X-Files and the show Millenium.
When asked where the stories come from Carter said "Very little comes out of paranormal literature. A lot of it comes out of science journals like Scientific American."
The most expensive episode to shoot was "Herrenvolk".
The least expensive episode to shoot was " Deep Throat".
A former girlfriend of Duchovny's by the name of Perry Reeves played a kinky vampire into of course blood sports in the episode "3" (name not number).
Duchovny's dog gets nearly the same amount of fan mail as Anderson's child Piper.
At the 3 1/2 season mark the number of autoposies performed is 17 and the number of times someone looks at a clock to find that the time is 11:21 p.m. is 4.
11/21 is Chris Carter's mother's birthday.
David Duchovny has had the lead roles in several unrated pornographic films. (talk about the truth being out there).
Scully's now deceased dog Qeequeg was named after a sailor in Moby Dick.
A Vikings vs. Redskins (both of which have a Carter in the ranks) footbal game is shown on a tv screen while an anouncer was saying catch by Chris Carter in the episode "Irresistible".
Chaco Chicken is just a damn neat phrase that was used as the name of a factory in the episode "Our Town".
The character Cancer man smokes a version of cigarettes known as Morleys but if you look closely you will see that they're just a rip off of marbs.
William B. Davis (The CSM) doesn't smoke in real life. On the set he smokes herbal cigarettes.
William B. Davis waterskis. Just a few years ago he even won a competition in it.
At the 3 1/2 seaon mark the number of references to agent Mulder's predilection for pornography is 5.
The special effects coordinator David Gauthier worked on Macgyver and Look Who's Talking Now.
Mark Snow's (music composer for the X-Files and Millenium) favorite episode is the same as my father's "Humbug".
The actual name of the X-Files theme song is "Materia".
The production designer Graeme Murray worked on "Wiseguy" and is so maticulous about the look of the show that he even worries about what brand of flashlights the characters are using.
At the begining of the episode "Anasazi" the tag line "The Truth is Out There" was translated into Navajo because the episode was New Mexico based.
Chris Carter's top ten favortie episodes are 10"Ice" 2)"Beyond the Sea" 3)"The Erienmeyer Flask" 4)"Duane Barry" 5)"Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" 6)"End Game" 7)"Pusher" 8)"Anasazi" 9)"The Blessing Way" 10)"Paper Clip"
Gillian Anderson's top five episodes are 1)"Beyond the Sea" 2)"Irresistible" 3)"Piper Maru 4)"Ice" 5)"Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"
David Duchovny's top three episodes are 1)"Ice" 2)"Duane Barry" 3)"Anasazi"
The aristocratic British lord Sir Malcolm Marsden, who is threatened in the episode "Fire was actually named for the shows chief hairdresser.
"TenThirteen Porductions" is named for series creator Chris Carter's birthday which is October 13, 1956.
Piper Maru Anderson, Gillian Anderson's daughter, born September 25, 1994 had an episode named after her.
Gillian Anderson is allergic to cats.

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